Animism: The Gods’ Lake

Production Company: Zeros 2 Heroes Media
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TV/Web Series | Game | Alternate Reality Game | Graphic Novel | Short Fiction

Animism chronicles the adventures of Mel Ravensfall, a 17 year old environmental activist who discovers that her efforts to save the Gods’ Lake are just the smallest skirmish in a much wilder war between the supernatural forces of the Mother, the Trickster and the Wetiko. Animism is told as a true transmedia story: the televised series is peppered with clues that lead the audience to an alternate reality game, fan fiction collection, downloadable game and augmented reality graphic novel.

Let’s Hear from the Kids

“This show is AWESOME, it’s the perfect mixture of action, adventure and suspense. The storyline is great, the characters are really developed, it’s the best! No other show can beat this one, I’m 100% sure it’s gonna win. Even at the start of the show it was awesome, I got curious, it’s a story that just captures you with curiosity about what will happen. Never seen it before but I fell in love with it in the first 5 minutes of watching it – gotta go record this… Go Animism!”
- Emile, age 13, British Columbia

“I love the animation! There is so much hard work put into this and the animation is amazing. Characters are awesome and background art is stunning. I actually had the privilege of speaking to someone who helped put this together and I know how many steps you have to take to make everything work! Yay!”
– Lauren, age 15, Ontario

“It is a very fascinating idea, and I very much enjoy the fact that it is a 2D animation. Everything is either in 3D or live-action, and that gives this awesome-looking show a more connectable and classic feel (I’m a sucker for old cartoons). I reiterate, I think the idea’s cool! It has potential to become something really extremely magnificent.”
– Veronica, age 15, New Brunswick

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