Digital programs funded by the Shaw Rocket Fund provide high-quality complements to television programs for Canadian audiences. Before submitting your application, please ensure your program meets all requirements outlined below.

Eligibility & Guidelines

Content Requirements

  • Enhances the viewing experience for the intended audience on additional platforms.
  • Is based on a television program that the Rocket Fund has invested in which is targeted towards children, youth or families.
  • Must be new or upgraded content (upgraded being new content or new elements that enhance existing content).

Broadcaster involvement in the digital content is not a requirement as the eligibility will have been met through the television component.

Financial Participation

  • Rocket Fund contribution is an equity investment.
  • Rocket Fund may invest up to a maximum of 75% of the total digital content budget.
  • No maximum investment has been established, however historically the Rocket Fund invests up to $50,000 per digital content application.
  • The producer must be able to demonstrate that revenue streams will be available for recoupment of the Rocket Fund investment in Canada as well as internationally.


Eligible applications will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Content and Concept (product excellence and production values);
  • Audience/TV Benefits (added value that the digital content brings to the target audience of the television program);
  • Management Track Record; and
  • Recoupment potential.